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Since 1993, College Funding Solutions has been guiding students and parents through the college preparation and funding process.

In the college planning industry it’s not entirely about your list of services.  It is much more about the back-office structure and actually assisting families in successfully navigating the process.  Without the structure the list of services will be basically inconsequential as families won’t receive the full benefit.  

At College Funding Solutions we have both – a comprehensive service program along with a back-office structure, support staff, and technology to effectively guide families step-by-step through the entire process.

3 Key College Planning Elements

A truly effective college planning program is made up of three key components:  Educational, Social, and Financial.

Although there are three funding sources – the federal government, the private sector, and the colleges – it is the institution that ultimately decides what families pay.

The common knowledge is that college is both essential and expensive.  The not-so-common knowledge is the fact that college is a business.  Perhaps a bit harsh but very beneficial to the family if they are aware of this key factor upfront and prepare accordingly.

Families Need an Advocate

Although the college planning and financial aid process is often depicted as free, easy, and you can do it yourself, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth.  ALL of the decisions made by colleges on admission and funding are made to ultimately protect the interest of the school.  To that point, colleges will discount their price to attract those students they would like most to attend.  In essence, colleges are investing in these students and are looking for a return on that investment – the student giving back to the school’s endowment fund after graduation, for example.

Initially, colleges are always looking for ways not to discount their price to prospective students.  They want to get the family to pay all they can and still get the student to attend.

Like the colleges have their advocates – their entire admissions and financial aid staff – College Funding Solutions serves as the advocate to the student and family.  While the college is looking for the family to pay as much as possible, our structure is built around one core concept: helping the student and family receive the best education at the best price.

With admissions and financial aid applications, colleges review and consider all aspects of the student and family.  This ranges from the student’s classes taken and grades to the parent / family income and assets.  There are literally dozens and dozens of considerations.

Our eCollegePro Family Suite college planning program helps reduce or even eliminate the excuses college have to not discount their price.  This will often times not only lower the family’s overall out-of-pocket college expenses but will also dramatically increase the student’s odds of gaining admission.

Human Interaction

Our nearly three decades of experience has taught us that the absolute # 1 most important service feature for both client families and Advisors alike is our knowledgeable, live support staff.  Although that may sound simplistic, nowadays being able to speak with an actual ‘live’ person is important.  In fact, in the college planning world, it’s actually vital.  All of our services, platforms, and resources are backed 100% by our highly-trained staff.

Going the Extra Mile

We pride ourselves in the fact that our collaborative group of counselors are professional, understanding, and highly supportive.  This is obviously very important to families as we realize that we are the ‘go-to’ for all college planning-related questions and guidance.  Our team always goes the extra mile to make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.

Organized & Knowledgeable

We understand that when a client or Advisor contacts our office they certainly don’t want to be kept waiting.  We also know that it wouldn’t be efficient for the client, the Advisor, or our office to ask and answer the same question over and over.  The solution: experience and organization.  Our inner-systems and processes are all proprietary (not out-of-the-box) and have all been written from the ground up to provide high-quality support and guidance in an organized, professional manner.

Years Experience
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Families Assisted
100000 +
Advisors Supported
500 +

The eCollegePro Family Suite, offered exclusively through CFS, is today’s most economically managed college planning program packed with essential guidance and procedures, which are all delivered in a direct, no-nonsense, easy-to-follow format.

Proven, personalized, and comprehensive, ECP helps each family easily understand the inner-workings of the process, prepare a workable plan, and stay on track … all designed to help ensure the student receives the best education for the money.

ECP has been built from nearly three decades of hands-on experience and delivers answers from the family’s perspective, not a misinformed third party, or a biased source with a hidden agenda.

Core Building Blocks

Established strategies, essential know-how, and step-by-step guidance delivered in realtime are at the heart of the ECP Program.  Families have unlimited access to vital core building blocks through personalized web-based resources that were created and designed to guide students and parents through the entire college planning process.

ECP is loaded with dynamic behind-the-scenes procedures, insider secrets, must-know techniques, and a month-by-month timeline, all in one easy-to-use, convenient format.

  • Building the Student’s Resume’
    • AP Classes
    • School & Community Activities
    • Summer Employment
  • Career Options
    • Talking with Those in the Field
    • Naviance
    • Job Shadowing
  • PSAT / SAT / ACT
  • College Search & Selection
    • Naviance
    • College Fairs
    • Admission Apps
    • Campus Visits
  • Funding Procedures
    • CSS/Profile
    • FAFSA
    • Student Aid Report (SAR)
    • Award Letters
    • Loan Programs

Advanced Consultation

ECP is structured to handle each student / family on a personalized, case-by-case basis.  For some families this may include more in-depth consultation.  ECP can be custom-tailored to help each family level the playing field by concentrating their efforts on what matters most, making the best use of their time, and positioning themselves to succeed.

Families who receive instruction and develop knowledge on all aspects of the college planning process are often most successful.  With our ECP program, each family is provided the additional peace of mind in knowing that they are receiving answers from their perspective that are based on nearly three decades of hands-on experience.

  • Volunteer Work
  • AP Classes
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Admission Applications & Essay Reviews
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Early Decision – Yes or No?
  • Impact of Private Sector Awards
  • Merit Aid vs. Need-Based Aid
  • Admission & Teaser Offers
  • Campus Visits
  • Housing Deposits
  • Final College Selection Deadline
  • Funding Procedures
    • CSS/Profile
    • FSA ID
    • FAFSA
    • General FAFSA Filing Questions
    • Student Aid Report (SAR)
    • Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
    • Adding a College
    • Student Aid Deadlines
    • How Colleges Retrieve Data
    • Award Letter Evaluations
    • Appeal Strategies & Procedures