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College Funding Solutions, Inc.
4676 Commercial St SE # 460
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Toll-Free:  1.877.265.7737


Reduce Your Overall College Costs

Above all else colleges are a business and ultimately decide how much you pay.  Put yourself in a position to reduce your college costs by having our proven, hands-on experience behind you.

Boost Your College Admission Chances

Understanding how colleges actually select students is critical.  Gain the valuable insight and professional guidance necessary to significantly boost your college admission chances.

Make the Most of
Our Know-How

Gain access to our highly-trained team of professionals that will serve as your family’s advocate throughout the college planning process.  Put nearly 3 decades of experience to work for you.

Ease the Tension of Preparing for College

Better manage one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life.  Our experienced counselors will help your family fully understand the process, devise a plan, and stay on track.