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Login here > eCollegePro (left-hand menu directly under “Welcome Box”).  Line-by-line presentation script, PowerPoint presentation, video support tutorials, case studies, and client testimonials, in addition to a great deal of other vital presentation support materials are all located on this page.

Your handout presentation packet to the family should consist of the following:

  • Cover Page
  • Case Studies (Award Letters) – include 2 or 3 – Login here > eCollegePro (left-hand menu directly under “Welcome Box”) > Scroll to bottom of page for Case Studies
  • Before and After Student Aid Reports – include 2 or 3 – Login here > eCollegePro (left-hand menu directly under “Welcome Box”) > Scroll to bottom of page for Student Aid Reports (SARs)
  • College Costs – use this as a pattern (both local and national) – include 8 or 10 schools – Login to your DASO Software > College Search (top left-hand menu) > Search by Any Part of the Name > Financial Aid & Admin Stats
  • Eccles Family Testimonial

As an alumni of our training, you will find the entire event recorded and divided into 5 sections with a total of 38 videos for you to review and study at your convenience.

To locate, login here > Advisor Support (left-hand at the bottom) > eLearningCenter.

Feel free to use the following as a guide and to play directly to the family:

Please feel free to promote the ACF Scholarship to your local high schools, companies, organizations, groups, and clubs.

Your ACF “Invitation Code” (M-Number) can be found in the “Welcome Box” below your name, left-hand side of this page near the top.  Be sure to use your Invitation Code on all Flyers, School Websites, etc.

Also, be sure that participating high schools link to the ACF site (ideally from both their resources page, as well as, their scholarship page).  In addition, please feel free to place a link on your website directly to the American College Foundation.

Login here > American College Foundation (left-hand menu under “Welcome Box” near the bottom) > Support Materials.  Here you will find the ACF promotional flyer, most recent ACF Visionary Scholarship application, as well as a phone script and recorded training support session.

Families will immediately receive a confirmation email from the ACF acknowledging their receipt of the request for an interview with an Advisor, scholarship application, etc.  You, as the Advisor, will also receive a notification through your Advisor Secure Portal CRM “auto-magically.”

The email from the ACF to the student / family states that the request has been received and the student will receive an ACF Visionary Scholarship application within two weeks and that a ‘qualification interview’ may be required.  This gives you as an Advisor a two-week window to contact the family, set the follow up interview, and deliver the scholarship application.  You are, in a sense, the gatekeeper of the ACF Visionary Scholarship application process.  In other words, the student / family will receive the application directly from you as a Certified College Advisor – not the ACF.  If you are unable to meet with the student / family within the two week window, the ACF provides the Visionary Scholarship application directly to the student / family.

Login here > American College Foundation (left-hand menu under “Welcome Box” near the bottom) > Support Materials.  You will find the appointment setting script as well as the ACF Scholarship application on this page. 

While you are logged in, you may also go to Advisor Support (left-hand menu under “Welcome Box” at the bottom) > eLearning Center > Marketing College Planning (upper right-hand corner) > Scroll down to Video #5 ACF.  At the 19 minute mark of the video, John explains the introduction to an ACF referral.  It is highly suggested that you review the entire video, however, to get the full benefit from review of the ACF marketing procedures.

Step-by-step video guide to enrolling new students / families in the eCollegePro Family Suite complete with details on how our office gathers the data and forwards that information to you “auto-magically!”

Use this quick guide to determine if the high school senior student and their family could still benefit from eCollegePro or it would be better if you used your DASO Premium College Planning Software to assist.

Interview the student and let them tell you what they have done and still have left to do.  Go down the side-by-side comparison sheet and easily determine which path is best for the family.

DASO Login – please note that your login credentials for the CFS Advisor Secure Website and DASO are the same.

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